Great condition, cross posted.
Great condition nothing broken. Cross posted.
Early 1900s solid wood sewing cabinet turned into a functional cabinet. rebuilt, w shelf added for inside storage. Has two small hidden drawers , and an inside seeing drawer. Was missing the second drawer when I got it. Top was stripped and stained and outside was scraped, pieces put back together, painted and dark waxed. Top has been secured on. 20 1/2" deep 25 1/2" wide and 30" tall.
Excellent condition. Very cute. 6 inches tall
Hey creating and make a planter, a shelf, etc. we used it to house pet bowls. Free!
I have been treasure hunting since the 1960s. Retired now. Had a display in the joiner history room for several years. Hunted about every old homestead site in northern dekalb county. Found coins and buttons from the war of 1812, the civil war, and newer silver and copper coins. A few gold rings also. Retired now but running out of places to hunt. Looking for houses and estates built before 190...
Includes plastic metal glass shell wood buttons Metal tin and buttons buttons weigh 2 pounds 14 oz
Excellent Condition 21 inch high
Pick up in Maple Park
Pick up in Maple Park
7 in wide. X 5.5 in deep 6 in high
All american
Item posted in the Collectibles category
Vintage Revere 8mm Model 85 Movie Projector. Excellent condition. Works as far as I'm aware. Person I bought it from said it worked perfectly, but I only used it for decoration. Moving to NC now and just don't have the space for it.
I bought this off a clock shop owner when I was a teacher and doing a theme on clocks. It has a chime melody at the top of every hour, but you can put the key crank in place so it doesn't chime.
Such a cool piece! I loved displaying this thing and it was always a great conversation starter for sure. People would ask about it all the time obvs has a good amount of patina from the age, but only adds to the character I think. It's tall - probably 15-16 inches. I can measure precisely if you're interested.
Cross posted , Pu dek
12 in all. There are 2 Captain Kangaroo reels, 3 Magic Kingdom reels, 3 Snoopy reels, 1 various cartoons reels featuring (Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, My Little Pony, Masters of the Universe, MASK, Muppet Babies, and Pinocchio), 1 Scooby Doo reel, 1 Adventures of Sam Sawyer reel, and 1 Cinderella and Glass Slipper reel. One of the Magic Kingdom reels is missing a photo, and the Adventures of Sa...
Cover and some pages are beginning to come away from metal binding. Small water damage spots on back cover and other small areas.
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