Pet fish and fish supplies for sale in Dekalb, IL

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Item posted in the Accessories & Supplies category
Item posted in the Accessories & Supplies category
Would like with a hood and light. Added bonus of filter, air pump, etc.
Bought... NEVER USED!!!
Comes with lid, rocks, bottom liners

Fish tank

Fish tank comes with everything. U will need to buy a filter pack but there like 2.00 at petco. Comes with food, treats and a bottle of water conditioner

Fish tank

This is a 20 gallon long fish tank. It comes with hinged lid, filter gravel, and an LED light that you can set to either a regular white light or a blue light that almost looks like a black light. 100% of the Proceeds of this item will go to help The Kings Mansion Church in Kingston Illinois get a new roof which is needed before the snow flies. Donations are also being accepted to help with the...
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